GANDHINAGAR: The key to solving the mystery surrounding the murder of NRI businessman Pankaj Trivedi could be in Saurashtra.

TOI sources in the state home ministry said on Sunday that “a major breakthrough in the murder case will be achieved soon, as the police are working on some significant leads in the case”.

Several teams of city police are camping in Saurashtra to probe the murder that, cops say, is rooted in his legal tangle with some members of a socio-spiritual group, Swadhyay Parivar.

Trivedi was clubbed to death by four unidentified assailants on the evening of June 15. The police are now focusing on tracking the activities of some of the Swadhyay Parivar members,who hail from Saurashtra’s fishermen community.

The sources said the assailants may have travelled to Ahmedabad from Saurashtra. NK Rathod, inspector at Ellisbridge police station, is a part of a five-member team sent to Rajkot to conduct this probe.

“We are probing similar attacks that took place on Swadhyay Parivar members who had sided with Trivedi in the dispute,”said Rathod.

In October 2003, one of Trivedi’s associates, Vinu Sachaniya of Pardih in Jamnagar was beaten up by assailants who followed a modus operandi similar to that adopted by Trivedi’s killers – they came armed with baseball bats and sticks in a Maruti van.

This, along with two other cases of assault on Trivedi’s associates in Rajkot city – also dating back to 2003 – are being probed by Ahmedabad city police.

“In most of these cases, the real culprits had remained in the background. Questioning these people has finally begun to expose the real faces behind this murder and the legal dispute that links Trivedi and the Swadhyay Parivar,”said a highly placed police source.

(Inputs: Vikram Rautela in Ahmedabad)

This article clearly shows who murdered Pankajbhai and under whose instruction.

Let us hope that eventual killer (person with two ‘D’s in her name instead of 1 as in ‘D’ gang) is arrested and tried and punished.

God works in mysterious way. This might be the time to punish people who attacked innocent swadhayees fighting for truth. – Vijay Mehta