” But, the result is different…………in this 5 year……..Swadhyay increases double……….

about 3000 – Yuva kendra…..today it is 27000…..
about 4000 Yogeshwar krushi…today it is about 10000/-
today more than 10 lac Yuvan speaks on GITA ever year…”
– Parivar is increasing

If those growth numbers are accurate as you are stating it is truely impressive. I am not sure thuough what is your source of that numbers.
But one thing is sure .. even that growth can not be sustained unless the the bhakts can be assured that they are worshipping the right Bhagwan.
So, commitment to non-violence, transparent accounting, use of money for the upliftment of poor etc. are essential ingradients of continued succes.
I have really not met anyone who is bent upon destryoing Swadhyay. But seems like Pankajbhai and others believed in Swadhyay, they dedicated their Tan -Man and Dhan for Swadhyay. And that is the reason they are risking everything to see changes in Swadhyay.

I am sure time will tell what impact Pankajbhai’s sacrifice would have on Swadhyay and other religions in India. But I have a feeling that Pankajbhai did not die in vein.

We live in new enviornment where even the devotees will expect justice and accountability. Gone are the days when a strong religion can silence anyone raising questions.

~ Vijay Mehta