This plot reminds me of a novel: The Murder, She wrote…….
As I know, matters published in the news papers or magazines like “Arpar”, “Chitralekha” etc is seen by this Organization as news of the day. Next day the new story shows up and the newspaper/Megazine becomes nothing but rubbish to be used by the shopkeeper to wrap things.

Nothing much is acieved……..except for a publicity for the day and the story will be forgotten.

OK, so should this Organization be allowed to remain in its presnt form? I think not.

The Swadhyay will take a great relief now that Mr Trivedi has been brutly removed from the scene. By such a brutal killing ‘Didi’ has sent a message to others that ‘she’ is inviciable and that another Trivedi is not born to challenge her corrupt & autocratic power. If there were to be another Trevidi, ‘she’ can finish him too.

Now, what next?

To be sucessful, there must be a stratagy. I do not know whether Ms Trivedi & others have any ‘post’ event (after murder) strategy to make J Talwalker realise that she is wrong.

I have a 5 poiint plan:

(1) Hire a professional Barister of excellent high reputation from Delhi/Culcutta (as I am not sure whether Mumbai has any such lawyers!- sorry Mumbai) and obtain a ‘stay order’ on all the Trusts & finances on Pariwar until the matter is resolved to its ownership i.e. – the ulitmate communities from where it came from.

(2) Take messages to all the villages & towns where this Pariwar has centers. Educate the people that: yes go to the centeres but do not take part in any activities which generates wealth in the name of GOD. God does not need wealth. Because Bhagvat Gits says that: everything in this Universer belongs to me i..e Krishna & not to us. This is why when we die, we go empty handed! Make them realise that this is a business in the name of God & they are palying with your own emotions (as we Gujus are emotional fools!). Their time & money spent for this Priwar will not help their families and there is no justification when done by neglecting the families.

(3) Educate them that they do not let anyone misuse their trust and that to treat this Pariwar, an Organization. Your true Pariwar is your own family. In this Pariwar, you are needed so long as you are able to toil on their agriculture fields or do ‘Bhav Pheris’ and give your money. To justify this argument, devise a test formula & let me test this out for themselves. For examle, suggest that they ask a question to the “head” (so called Motabhai) about the finances and check for the reaction and after effect! Ask for a finance loan! and see what happens. Ask for transperency.

(4) Educate them that they do not attend mass rallys/programmes which is not for the benfits of the individuals but its merely a showcase for the Pariwar to demonstrate its muscle power to the society & satisfy “her” as well “her” henchmens ego!

(5) Ask the Indian + overseas chartiy commissions to investigate the purpose of the mass wealth accumulated and how it is intend to be spent for the benefit of the masses.

This is not exclusive but are my thoughts. I am sure many people will have similar thinking. Bring as many strong workable ideas/thoughts together and start impelmenting them.

Mr Trevid’s life must not be allowed to go waste!

First of all this is almost two years since the death of Pankajbhai and instead of becoming a story on old newspaper this is reverberating across the globe. The new generation is tech savvy and they are going thru the net to collect the information. This has caused the biggest counter shock to Didi. I do not think that this story will ever be forgotten.

Your suggestions are great. Eventually, Ex Swadhyayees would develope enough courage to come out from shadow and take the leadership.

– Vijay Mehta